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Head Start Programme

The RUGGERBUGS “Head Start” ™ Programme is a structured physical play programme aimed at boys and girls aged 18 months to six years based around non-contact rugby. It is designed to promote a FUN and positive introduction to sport and fitness from an early age.

This unique programme assists with your child’s Early Years Foundation Stage Development and centres on developing and enhancing basic levels of movement, self-awareness and social interaction through running, jumping, catching and throwing games as well as introducing your child into the basic fundamentals of rugby (passing, catching, evasion and kicking) in a FUN and stimulating environment.

Valuable life skills such as communication, listening, sharing, taking turns and teamwork are gently introduced and developed ensuring your child not only benefits from increased stamina but also confidence and self-esteem all of which are vital for a healthy lifestyle.

The 45 week programme has been developed to provide a range of FUN age appropriate skills, drills and games inspired by rugby and specifically designed with the Prime Area Early Learning Goals in mind.

It is based around a weekly “Skills4Life ™” (educational element) theme which is supported by the “Sidney Skill Awards ™ ”. This enables you, your child and their coach to see what progress is being made.

The aims of the programme are achieved by:

Ensuring the programme is inclusive to boys and girls of all abilities
Maintaining coaching and class ratios consistent with current childcare standards
Operating in safe, nurturing and caring environments.
Using safe, child friendly and age appropriate equipment
Allowing each child to learn and develop at their own pace and ability
Ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience
Your child is able to collect “Sidney Stickers ™ ” at the end of each session to stick on their “Sidney Sticker Charts ™ ”, not only are these FUN but they help educate the children with words based around sport and healthy living.

As is the case with all sporting activities sessions are structured as follows to develop your child’s understanding of how a typical sporting activity should run:

Warm up
Skills / educational element
Drill / educational element
Games / educational element
Warm Down
Sidney Sticker Tunnel ™

RUGGERBUGS agrees with the RFU that rugby is a late developing sport (7+ years), it does not teach children how to play rugby but promotes the game at grass roots levels and gives children a “head start” in developing skills which they can later go on to develop at club or school level. The sense of discipline and camaraderie surrounding rugby is the perfect model to base a sports programme on.

The programme lays down the foundation for developing important attributes such as agility, balance, co-ordination and spatial awareness,  As well as these physical benefits, the programme also provides the opportunity for the child to develop as a person. During each session children are gently encouraged to develop language and social awareness skills, such as, manners, listening, communicating, taking turns, sharing and team work.

RUGGERBUGS supports the key objectives laid down by the government in providing all children with a “Healthy start in Life” and believes its programme provides an effective introduction for all sporting disciplines, not just rugby in developing the essential basic movement skills, confidence and self-esteem that they need to participate in physical activity on their journey from childhood to adulthood.

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