I just wanted to let you know that our son is
going to move onto the local rugby, so as to
continue all the good work that you and your
team have done over the past 4 years. Our
son has loved Ruggerbugs and has learnt so
much over the years, heading to the local
rugby club it was great to see so many faces
(children and Dads) that we had previously
seen at the Ruggerbugs classes.
A. Haven (Woodford)

I would like to take this opportunity to say
how much my son enjoys his time at RUGGERBUGS.
The coaching staff always make the classes fun whilst teaching the children lots of skills.
K & J. Delaney (Romford)

Rugby World Magazine (Oct 2008) said:

“Every weekend groups of children aged 18
months to 5 years pick up a ball and take part
The ground-breaking initiative was created
to get more youngsters involved in sport and
has produced astonishing results.”

Both my sons have thoroughly enjoyed the
Ruggerbugs experience and it has prepared
them well for their step up to touch rugby.

Please pass on my thanks to the team at

K. McGregor (Harlow)

May I thank all your coaching staff for their constant enthusiasm and good nature. Our son has really enjoys his time at RUGGERBUGS and
is always looking forward to each Saturday session. It is a great introduction to basic rugby skills and is the the foundation for a lifetime’s enjoyment of the sport.

J. Pimblett (Brentwood)

Our son has really enjoyed being in the class and
learning new skills with his excellent teachers.
E. Lewis-Grey (Tunbridge Wells)

Our son has now moved up into the local Rugby
Club and is looking forward to putting into
practise everything he learnt at RUGGERBUGS.
We wish you every success going forward and
look forward to bumping into you all on Sunday

J.Bowen (Westcombe Park)

On behalf of me and my son, many thanks to
everyone involved as he enjoys every minute
of the sessions.

R Chitty (Westcombe Park)

Many thanks for all your encouragement and
for giving our son a great start in the world of

S.Sames (Woodford)

Please pass on our thanks to the coaches at Braintree as they have been excellent with our son and he has really enjoyed attending
S Campion (Braintree)

Our son has loved his time at Ruggerbugs
and we think it has been great for him.
S Oswick (Hertford)

I would like to thank you all for the wonderful
times we have at your sessions and the
wonderful job your staff do on our behalf.

Our son is our third child to pass through
Saffron Walden Ruggerbugs along with our older
son and daughter nearly 6 years ago.

Now and all three children enjoy an active lifestyle
and watching rugby in the spirit of Sidney.

F Watson (Saffron Walden)

We have had a great year with Ruggerbugs
and we will be sad to leave.

Your organisations is a great set up,
thank you all for your hard work and

J.Wild (Hertford)

On behalf of us both (me and my son) I would
like to say a huge thank you for his 4 years at Ruggerbugs, he’s had such fun and has learnt vital coordination skills.

K. Tappin (Buckhurst Hill)

My son has been doing ruggerbugs for two years
and has really enjoyed it. He has been at the
centre with the coaching staff, all have of them
have been very good. He is now nearly six and he
has had a couple of sessions at the local Rugby
Club mini under 6's.
Thank you to Ruggerbugs as my son has enjoyed
his time and is enthused to continue with rugby.
Thank you.

G. Unsworth (Woodford)