RUGGERBUGS is now expanding nationally and internationally, with a proven track recoerd over the past 7 years of trading we are now building a network of RUGGERBUGS Clubs, all operating our unique and highly effective programme.

RUGGERBUGS supports “Grass Roots” Rugby by enabling  Rugby Clubs to set up and run their own RUGGERBUGS clubs which increases membership and player base.

Your club could potentially earn annually over £ 10,000 (subject to costs).

License packages  for Clubs are now available at a competitive price.

You really can get up and running very quickly because we supply everything you need from equipment, training,  class plans and advertising strategies.

RUGGERBUGS is not a charity and it is run on strictly commercial lines but with sensible pricing and fair profit levels.

The simplest set-up is a single club running 3/4 classes per week (different age groups dependant on the clubs current minis section)  That equates to about 60/80 children each paying £7+ each week.

RUGGERBUGS charges a fee to cover the licence and support costs.

Clubs typically run for about 44 weeks per year.

In RUGBY, teamwork is critical and is definitely critical to RUGGERBUGS.

Rather than being a sole trader and potentially isolated,  you will be part of the RUGGERBUGS team.

Team RUGGERBUGS will be aiming for the same goal – business success.

To find out a little more about our License packages click on the button to the right and get in touch, you have nothing to loose

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