RUGGERKIDZ was established to deliver high quality during and after school  activities based on non-contact tag rugby for nurseries and primary schools (for KS1 & KS2).

Over the past few years we have had the pleasure of delivering our activities to numerous children be it on a one off or long term basis.

We have organised Tag Rugby Matches between schools and have assisted during National Schools Sports Week, during the school year 2013/14 our programme was delivered to over 20 primary schools in the Bishop’s Stortford area which was received really well by all that took part.

Please feel free to contact the office to find out how these classes can be brought to your educational establishment.

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The children at Smiles really look forward to RuggerKidz coming into the setting. We have noticed an improvement in children's physical skills as well as developed confidence to work
as a team. Children are able to listen and follow the instruction given to them. It has also helped with basic skills such as colour recognition. The team are lovely to work with and have a good rappor with the children.
J Jeffrey Nursery Owner

"RUGGERKIDZ have been coaching here for about
a year and has made a real impact, both at pupil
and teacher skills/awareness level. The teaching
pack is centred around good quality sport teaching,
and the wider personal development that PE can
bring. Pupil feedback from both boys and girls has
been extremely positive and they look forward to
the next lesson. The pupils' skill and enthusiasm
has resulted in us recently winning the Harlow
Schools Year 5/6 Rugby Festival".

J Clements Head Hatfield Heath CPS

"The Ruggerkidz sessions focus on ball handling, spatial awareness, working collaboratively as a team and develop agility and stamina. This high quality training enables our children to play tag rugby with skill and sporting prowess. The sessions are very popular with our students and all our children leave the sessions confident, excited, full of enthusiasm for the sport and
proud of their achievement."
G Doyle, Head Teacher Roydon Primary School

“Ruggerkidz have been attending the nursery for
over a year now and has become part of our weekly
curriculum planning. The Ruggerkidz Staff are
friendly and professional and the children enjoy the
activities the Staff bring. The activities differentiate
so all the children are included. The activities
are fun and linked to the EYFS. ,We look forward to
these sessions every week”.

L Seville Nursery Owner