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Who is SIDNEY?

“SIDNEY Safe-Hands” is the RUGGERBUGS mascot.

He engages with the RUGGERBUGS in helping them to develop and enhance their skills.

He is easily identifiable as the RUGGERBUGS logo and whilst he is physically not able to be at the sessions his spirit resonates throughout every session by way of introduction at the start of a session, the skills, drills and games that your child will play and the “Sidney Sticker” Tunnel at the end. All of this ensures everyone has lots of FUN.

SIDNEY Safe-Hands is an inspirational role model and his attributes can be found in every team, whether that is Rugby or another sport. He is the best passer, the best catcher, the best kicker and the fastest runner in the team. Whilst not everyone can be everything, RUGGERBUGS strive to enable and encourage ALL children to be the best they possibly can at what-ever they do.

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