3 to 4 Years (50 Minutes)


Moving into LADYBIRDS your child’s skills, confidence and stamina continue to be developed through the introduction of FUN repetitive games inspired by rugby.

Whilst parent participation is still encouraged, your child is becoming more independent and able to complete many of the activities on their own or learning as part of a group. You may now find yourself watching from the side-lines but always on hand to give a bit of support or encouragement when needed.

Basic motor skills developed in the ANTS class are now enhanced with more challenging Skills, Drills and Games.

At this stage the focus is on enhancing their co-ordination through the use of child friendly equipment, the use of a rugby ball and spatial awareness.

As your child’s spatial awareness grows more specific rugby based skills are introduced (catching, passing, scoring a try, Kicking a rugby ball, evasion and footwork) along with the concept of Teamwork through interaction with others during the FUN and exciting sessions.

“Skills 4 Life” are further developed and enhanced as their social skills and self-esteem increase.

A bespoke Size 2 ball continues to be used to enable your child to learn how to hold it properly as well as colourful scarves, bean bags, tennis balls and lots of other equipment to ensure every child has plenty of FUN.


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