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beetles maxi

5+ Years (55 Minutes)

As one of the oldest your child has nearly completed the RUGGERBUGS “Head Start” Programme and may have already started school.

During these sessions the focus is on more demanding Skills, Drills and Games to benefit the maturing child and bring together all the elements of our programme before they graduate.

At some of the centres, these sessions run as separate classes or combined with the BEETLES class.

At this stage the focus is on applying what they have learnt to perform activities through planning and evaluation of their actions to understand and improve their game. The basics of Tag Rugby and laws of the games are now gently introduced with the emphasis of FUN still very much at the heart of the session.

If your child has progressed through the RUGGERBUGS programme you will now start to see all physical and social elements of the programme coming together with positive results.

The rugby based skills (catching, passing, scoring a try, Kicking a rugby ball, space and evasion) and techniques are now more challenging and your child will be displaying positive Teamwork and Sportmanship skills through non-contact basic tagging and evasion games.

Within the RUGGERBUGS environment this provides FUN opportunities for your child to be creative and make choices when faced with different challenges as an individual or part of a small group / team.

As well as the physical skills your child is now honing their listening and communication skills by taking direction and independent social interaction to further enhance their confidence, self –esteem and decision making, providing great preparation for school and mini rugby ahead.

These FUN sessions provides a pre-cursor to the RFU Continuum (New rules). The children will develop their running, passing and scoring technique as well as their decision making, both in attack and defence and enables a seamless transition to the four sided game of Tag Rugby when they progress to their local rugby club.


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