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18mths to 3 Years (45 minute session)


You and your child will begin the RUGGERBUGS journey in this class having lots of FUN learning about basic levels of movement as well as an introduction into the foundation of passing and catching rugby skills.

RUGGERBUGS understands that for many children this may be their first venture into a regular structured activity with other children.

At this stage there are no expectations that your child will be able to understand or complete  the activities. The aim is to start introducing them to sport in a FUN and positive way.

When you first start you may find all they want to do is run around the new environment or sit and watch. This is normal behaviour and after a few weeks of positive encouragement and support they will start to develop their understanding, skills and confidence to complete the games and take part.

As a parent you will be actively involved by working directly with your child to help them understand and take part in developing their basic motor skills (balance, co-ordination and agility) through FUN and exciting running, jumping, catching and throwing games.

At this stage the focus is on developing your child’s co-ordination through the use of child friendly equipment, learning different ways to move around, negotiating safe space and enhancing your relationship.

Valuable Life Skills such as communication, sharing and listening are also gently introduced through the programme’s “Skills4Life” enabling your child to develop social skills and confidence as well as introducing learning elements such as colours and numbers  through the sessions.

A bespoke Size 2 ball is introduced to enable your child to learn how to hold it properly as well as colourful scarves, bean bags, tennis balls and lots of other equipment to ensure every child has plenty of FUN.

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